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As an avid reader, I prefer PDF files. I hope you found my previous entry Convert a web page into PDF useful. Now, I’m going to introduce a similar website which helps you to convert your data to a PDF document. The beauty of this website is it’s simple,fast, no limitation and it’s free.(no need to register anywhere)

This online PDF Generator can convert most types of documents to PDF, including Microsoft Word documents, RTF documents and even images!

As I do not want to test your patience, I’ll let you go to that useful website just now. Follow these steps to generate a PDF,

  • Goto
  • Click the Convert now button to select a file on your computer. Below is a list of file types that are definitely supported:
    1. Microsoft Word Document
    2. Rich Text Format Document
    3. Plain Text Document
    4. Most Image Formats (PNG, JPG)
    5. HTML Documents
  • You can select the kind of PDF output like Direct download to your computer or Permalink. Obviously, I prefer Direct download, unless I want to share my generated PDF with someone online.
  • Now, hit the “Generate PDF” button.

That’s it. Your PDF is ready to download.

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